Tuesday, June 19, 2012

elle d’en ~ Sarah Crewe

break it up and bring the vowels back
I want you gaping wide open
incredulous smoke signal
siren city      let me hear you
whoop  ooofft  ooooh boom
  prise consonants
apart all change all colours
translate into six letters
into six week carousel
in a post war climbing frame
as a consumer fetishist
1950’s polkadot
dancehall halterneck cupcake
print beyond all minimum
O     you look so pretty in
housewife chic   you wear it well
recession in petticoat
jizz in bangs  elle est   a slut
elle    she bleeds me dry

Sarah Crewe is 30 years old and from the Port of Liverpool. She has a chapbook, Aqua Rosa, out with erbacce press and has work upcoming in In The Company of Ghosts: The Poetics of the Motorway anthology and in Rising magazine. Her work has also appeared at Route 57, Otoliths, Red Fez, erbacce, Sunfish and The Camel Saloon.

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