Monday, August 27, 2012

me, Medusa ~ Amanda Earl

Excellent new free eBook out on the Red Ceilings Press.

me, Medusa by Amanda Earl.

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Question 3: ~ Ben Parker

Question 3:

I have been browsing through this show-
room for days I live in a permanent
state of economic equilibrium I
watch 24-hour rolling news without
the sound on and sleep on cream sofas
and leather reclining armchairs this
plane crash is beginning to take on a
personality my best friends are reporters
they’re so insightful and concise like
a minimalist painting the granite
kitchen sink unit and stereo on shop
demo are informative captions this
means I need a new dvd-player
when the customers arrive each
morning I move amongst them like
a sage dispensing wisdom if I stay
here much longer they will give me
a uniform can I change this piped
music it is sweet as vending machine
coffee on the highest sugar setting
I only see my reflection in the black
screens of inexpensive mp3 players
behind alarmed security glass will you
take me by the arm and explain?

Because we have no name for them

Always just out of sight, behind
your shoulder as you read this page,
or two seats back riding the late-bus
you thought was empty; beyond
the partition wall in the strip-lit
office you would be staring out
the window of if it had one,
a fox-like creature is tracking you.
It will say nice things about the new
car you drive but cannot afford,
nod admiringly as you score
a direct hit in the mouth of the bin
with the empty can of Coke
and laugh at your jokes with a laugh
that is as silent as a 10w torch
shone in the face of a trespasser.
When you leave a room it follows
sadly uncurling and loping after you
with a sideways walk that is part
obsequy and part insinuation, the
foreign spy affecting deference
to the leader of a country he is
about to betray for petty reasons.
Because we have no name for them
we cannot see these animals
that move amongst us, shadowing
our actions like American remakes
of British sit-coms: longer, more
expensive and written by committee.

Ben Parker's debut pamphlet will be published by tall-lighthouse in November. More of his work can be found on his website

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Recipes ~ S J Fowler

Our very first perfect bound collection!

Recipes by S J Fowler

What a beauty! Limited edition of 45 copies. These are going to fly so get in there quick.

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