Monday, November 12, 2012

naming the mushrooms ~ matt martin

velvet shank
silk buttock
woolly kneecap
cotton toe

beech woodwart
oak pimple
birch freckles
pine zit

hare’s ear
badger bottom
hedgehog’s tummy
bat eggs

sulphur tuft
brimstone quiff
stinking toupee
fusty merkin

common earthball
mundane venus
drab moon
fallen sputnik

charcoal burner
waifs and strays
midnight cinderella
dirty peasant

chicken of the woods
cave mutton
moorland calamari

king alfred’s cakes
king harold’s eyeball
jane grey’s head
cromwell’s warts

dung roundhead
cowpat cavalier
jacobite’s turd
ranter droppings

fairy parasol
goblin sunhat
queen mab’s wimple
banshee hood

witch’s butter
hag’s cheese
warlock’s marmite
i can’t believe it’s not witch’s butter

amethyst deceiver
ruby charlatan
topaz devil
judas pearl

blushing bracket
rosy comma
raddle hyphen
red full stop

Matt Martin's recent poetry has been published by blart, Veer About, Poetry Salzberg Review, Herbarium, Writers Forearm, VLAK, ninerrors, Ladies of the Press and Streetcake. He is the author of the pamphlet spider bite (Kater Murr's Press, 2012). As eocene press, he self-publishes works of concrete poetry. He has run poetry workshops in infant schools, and also writes children's stories which he performs as part of his job at the Museum of London.

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donalmahoney said...

This is a wonderful poem.

I'm just glad I don't ride to work every day with the author.