Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Turnip's Return ~ Paul Sutton

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The Turnip's Return by Paul Sutton

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Paul Suttonwas born in London, in 1964. He graduated from Jesus College, Oxford, worked in industry until 2004, then left to travel; he now teaches English in a secondary school. His work has been widely published in UK and US journals.

The collection Broadsheet Asphyxia (Original Plus, 2003) explores instability, corruption and repulsion, using twisted narrative voices.

His pamphlet The Chronicles of Dave Turnip (Original Plus, 2009) conflates poetic and other fragmentation, using parodied self-mythologizing of crime. This sequence concludes the 2010 collection Brains Scream at Night (from US press, BlazeVox).

His most recent British collection is Cabin Fever (The Knives Forks and Spoons Press, 2012).

Two longer sequences of polemical work are available in a Salt anthology of poetry manifestos, Troubles Swapped for Something Fresh (2009). A set of narrative poems feature in Rupert Loydell’s 2011 anthology Smartarse (The Knives, Forks and Spoons Press). A collaborative filmic sequence Voiceover is also available from The Knives, Forks and Spoons Press (2011).

Previous publications from The Red Ceilings Press are the hit e-book Indigo Not Violet and the chapbook Gemstones, both published in 2011.

Friday, April 19, 2013

At-Will Employment ~ Kristen McHenry

Each employee’s employment is terminable at the will of the employee or the company at any time, with or without cause and with or without notice.

Yet let us begin where we know to begin—that in death you will not haunt those you loved, but where you resided in your labor, where you gave the whole of yourselves for oranges and flour, where each pair of indentured hands coveted the chores of their opposite: those that flew envied those that strained and plodded, hands that healed, those that maimed. You will return to duty, to vocation, to your gig, you will twitch in synchronicity with each familiar motion. You’ll ache for not so much for love but for occupation, to feel your usefulness again, to be taken for indelible. Your time will go unchronicled. You’ll leaf through paper as gone stiff as old wings, searching for the traceable.

Or upon a living loss, you will find yourself standing in a white pond, nothing graspable. You’ll drink comfortless tea in a plastic booth, haunted by this same florescence, the relentless light of loss. Bathe your idle hands in it and dream of clean swathes on the wound, a thing done and done again, a clock, a shuffle, a cough, a fix. Your hands, that ache with want of it.

Team Building Exercises ~ Kristen McHenry


•    The Great Egg Drop

For creating a sense of yolk and afterbirth. For bonding over fragility. To remind them of soft falls and metaphors in pink. A protective instinct, all attention focused on the mystery of one tiny incubator, hastily constructed. To unite them in the thrill of the death-leap, a moment really happening, impact and ritual survey of carnage. They will say we did our best with what little we were given. They will mourn their failed experiment, but only theoretically, theatrically. That night they will dream of floating in polystyrene, they will remember they were once protected. They will awaken, and rise to dress in the dark.

•    Balloon Activities 

Promotes gentleness in dealings, also reaching slowly so as to not stir the air. They will learn expansion in increments of breath, they will stretch their ribs and prod and smile. There will be powder blue and yellow, and the fervid among them will lose inhibitions and dab at their eyes, remembering The Red Balloon. It will seem there should be birthday cake and they will laugh at this. It will end with each of one trailing a balloon tied to their wrist. Even the grimmest will for become for a moment lax and knowable again.

•    Picture Perfect

The pictures are randomly ordered and handed out. The group tries to create a unified story from the set of sequential pictures. No one will agree on the final tale and for a duration their world will become exhaustingly absurd, so that when they view out the window a balloon flattened on a tree branch, a dead egg stretched on the walkway, it will seem normal, just the way of things. Still they will try; keep up chatter, focus, earnest explanations. Still they will rearrange the pictographs, in the re-ordering, another mystery, and the effective use of the therapy tool, "projection". 

Kristen McHenry is a resident of Seattle, Washington and is a poet by night, and supervisor of volunteers for an urban hospital by day. Among other publications, her work has been seen in Bare Root Review, Numinous, Tiferet, Sybil's Garage, Big Pulp, and the anthology, “Many Trails to the Summit” published by Rose Alley Press. She was a top five finalist in the 2009 national poetry competition “Project Verse”. Her chapbook “The Goatfish Alphabet” was runner-up in qarrtsiluni's 2009 chapbook contest, and was published by Naissance Press in 2010. Her second chapbook, “Triplicity: Poems in Threes” was published by Indigo Ink Press is 2011.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Filming ‘Blood Shot Silk’ – Deleted Scenes ~ Christopher Barnes

Deleted Scene (43)

Wardrobe!  Languishingly fingered props.
Expand Camera 3…whining door,
Tar-black gills on overset mushroom,
Frills on Roma Graves unfallen shoulders.
A brushworked skull
Deranges the smalt-and-flock wall.
The self-contradiction of surviving Cupid’s sting
Is woven explicitly
On a bandaged music-box marionette.

Deleted Scene (45)

A hearing-aid to the subway track…
Blood lunges down a crag.
Cut to…finishing-touch moon…Ali Wrey
Cur-trailed in torchlight.

A grand piano collapses
Jostling silver birch stairs.  Wide-eyed mob’s wheeler
Tremors a stick, slobbers.  Fade out.
Noose-slip into haycart reawakens night.

I verify some foredoomed distortion
And frisk another cigarette.

Deleted Scene (47)

In cobwebbed tapestry
A dingy-eyed shadow.
Bevan squeezes for pulse –
Manola’s neck.  Snap dilation
Of scarlet-spittle mouth.
Camera 2 – possessed by a blue-black scarf
Shackling her wrist.  Mortuary lace
From outpouring dress
On polished marble fireplace.

Spirit-raising menace
Insidious in octaves…
Submerged nudges
Images can’t deliver.


Christopher Barnes’ first collection LOVEBITES is published by Chanticleer.  Each year he reads at Poetry Scotland’s Callender Poetry Weekend.  He also writes art criticism which has been published in Peel and Combustus magazines.

Friday, April 12, 2013

The Pocket Reference Library ~ Glenn R. Frantz

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The Pocket Reference Library by Glenn R. Frantz

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Glenn R. Frantz
is a native of southeastern Pennsylvania. His poems have appeared in publications such as Great Works, Stride, Shadowtrain, kill author, Blackbox Manifold, BlazeVOX, and Otoliths. An index to his poetry and music is available at

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

cut out ~ Andrew Spragg

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cut out by Andrew Spragg

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Andrew Spragg
is a poet, performer and critic. He was born in London in 1984 and lives there currently. To Blart & Kid is due to be published by Like This Press in early 2013. He has had work appear in Hi Zero, Half Circle and on The Literateur. His writing was also included in Dear World & Everyone In It: New Poetry in the UK (Bloodaxe, 2013). He edits Infinite Editions, a blog that publishes free poetry postcards for download and distribution.

Publications include
The Fleetingest (Red Ceilings Press, 2011), Notes for Fatty Cakes (Anything Anymore Anywhere, 2011) and cut out (Dept Press 2012/ e-Publication by Red Ceiling Press 2013).

Vulcan's Lamp ~ Virginie Colline

brain viced
he spills tequila on the floor
in the forge of Volcano

Virginie Colline lives and writes in Paris. Her poems have appeared in The Scrambler, Notes from the Gean, Prune Juice, Frostwriting, Jack Move Magazine, Prick of the Spindle, Mouse Tales Press, StepAway Magazine, BRICKrhetoric, Seltzer, Mad Swirl, Overpass Books, Dagda Publishing, The Four Quarters Magazine and Yes, Poetry, among others.