Friday, April 19, 2013

At-Will Employment ~ Kristen McHenry

Each employee’s employment is terminable at the will of the employee or the company at any time, with or without cause and with or without notice.

Yet let us begin where we know to begin—that in death you will not haunt those you loved, but where you resided in your labor, where you gave the whole of yourselves for oranges and flour, where each pair of indentured hands coveted the chores of their opposite: those that flew envied those that strained and plodded, hands that healed, those that maimed. You will return to duty, to vocation, to your gig, you will twitch in synchronicity with each familiar motion. You’ll ache for not so much for love but for occupation, to feel your usefulness again, to be taken for indelible. Your time will go unchronicled. You’ll leaf through paper as gone stiff as old wings, searching for the traceable.

Or upon a living loss, you will find yourself standing in a white pond, nothing graspable. You’ll drink comfortless tea in a plastic booth, haunted by this same florescence, the relentless light of loss. Bathe your idle hands in it and dream of clean swathes on the wound, a thing done and done again, a clock, a shuffle, a cough, a fix. Your hands, that ache with want of it.

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