Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Filming ‘Blood Shot Silk’ – Deleted Scenes ~ Christopher Barnes

Deleted Scene (43)

Wardrobe!  Languishingly fingered props.
Expand Camera 3…whining door,
Tar-black gills on overset mushroom,
Frills on Roma Graves unfallen shoulders.
A brushworked skull
Deranges the smalt-and-flock wall.
The self-contradiction of surviving Cupid’s sting
Is woven explicitly
On a bandaged music-box marionette.

Deleted Scene (45)

A hearing-aid to the subway track…
Blood lunges down a crag.
Cut to…finishing-touch moon…Ali Wrey
Cur-trailed in torchlight.

A grand piano collapses
Jostling silver birch stairs.  Wide-eyed mob’s wheeler
Tremors a stick, slobbers.  Fade out.
Noose-slip into haycart reawakens night.

I verify some foredoomed distortion
And frisk another cigarette.

Deleted Scene (47)

In cobwebbed tapestry
A dingy-eyed shadow.
Bevan squeezes for pulse –
Manola’s neck.  Snap dilation
Of scarlet-spittle mouth.
Camera 2 – possessed by a blue-black scarf
Shackling her wrist.  Mortuary lace
From outpouring dress
On polished marble fireplace.

Spirit-raising menace
Insidious in octaves…
Submerged nudges
Images can’t deliver.


Christopher Barnes’ first collection LOVEBITES is published by Chanticleer.  Each year he reads at Poetry Scotland’s Callender Poetry Weekend.  He also writes art criticism which has been published in Peel and Combustus magazines.

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