Friday, June 21, 2013

The Chomedy ~ Ollie Evans

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The Chomedy by Ollie Evans
Ollie Evans
is a performer and poet based in London. Has had poetry published by Department Press (Stutter Studies, 2011), Red Ceilings Press (Dash Booked a Builder, 2012 and The Chomedy, 2013), Stoma Press (High Digger’s From the Ear-far-out-wrung of these Thinkings, 2013), Veer (Kettles, 2013), and his poetry has also appeared in Depart, International Poultry Review, Vile Products and Materials.

He occasionally performs as a noise-poet, makes puppet shows and is currently undertaking a Phd on the ‘Performance of Finnegans Wake’ at Birkbeck College.

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