Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Endless / Nameless ~ Rachel Sills & Richard Barrett

The gingerbread silhouette of my father
Is absent today I’m perspiring
Or you could say shimmering over a coastline
In a row pegged-out, colour coded
Three weeks' worth of hearts
A Freudian couch with sponge cake perhaps?
An arrow, a narrowboat, arrowroot blot
A stair-lift stops, temperamentally
I decline to use the honesty box
But am generous for life-guards
On a good day, only on a good day
A magazine before dinner before, later, the paper
The evening smell of tobacco
'Papa?'  I hear; to which I answer 'yes, Nicole?'


Beneath the H bar shadow in the bathroom
The lie of the land becomes clear
Land's End here. Oh no that's Cornwall
White is perfection, turquoise calm
Enjoy a Toblerone, like the Prince on Wednesday
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain
But keep fingers crossed the interview goes well
A wing chair can overwhelm a room
As the sea can. Green, wet and very deep
An unruffled surface is far more disturbing
For dream interpretation avoid Yahoo Answers
So what IS the significance of a cream tea?
On a worryingly under loaded passenger ferry
The message in the bottle reads "let's talk"


Oblivion. Nothing: side-by-side on a bookshelf
Above a bookshelf. Where I keep last year’s diary
Volumes I - III and VI - VIII
They are not a legal proof, dreams
They melt into dark praline shadows
It's your birthday tomorrow so "best wishes"
Or alternatively "bon voyage"
None of this matters of course (still I worry)
Note: avoid ledges, edges, suspension bridges
One room is not the house taken over
After this the conversation flags, imagining
(Easier to) the end of the world than the end of capitalism
And prefers his seascapes to be stormy
Meaning re time and motion: a different concept entirely

Rachel Sills lives in Manchester. She has a PhD on Frank O'Hara's poetry, and has had poems published in Stand Magazine.

Richard Barrett lives and works in Salford. He is the author of several collections of poetry and the editor of Department Press. He co-organises the reading series Peter Barlow's Cigarette.

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