Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Simon Howard 1960 ~ 2013

It is with deep regret that I have to report the recent death of our friend and poet, Simon Howard.
Simon was the first ever poet published in our series of eBooks and the first poet published in our limited chapbooks. A great supporter of the Red Ceilings, a fine poet and a gentleman. He will be greatly missed.

Simon's last book, Wrecked, can be found here at Oystercatcher Press

His Red Ceilings eBook, Numbers, is here at issuu
and the print edition here at Knives Forks & Spoons 

The first part of the plus que parfait collaboration written with Emily Howard and Mark Cobley, the title goes here, can be found here 

And his personal blog....walkingintheceiling

A line from Harry S. Truman ~ Mark Young

A line from Harry S. Truman

In the devastating after-
math of Fox News'
continued assault on the
labor movement, bumble-

bees seem to be dwindling
at an alarming rate. It's not
always about getting up
close & personal—& even

channeling the late great
Jamaican musician Bob
Marley cannot cure all
financial ills—but matters

of the mind & spirit are
wreaking havoc on people
in the Midwest. Trauma
accumulates in sensitive

tissues over time. My wife
removed several large cater-
pillars from our tomato plants.
The Senate is in an uproar.

Just how honest was Oliver Stone? ~ Mark Young

Just how honest was Oliver Stone?

Every time I'm out
on the street, ex-
ploring the effects of 
elemental vortices
by means of three
popsicle sticks, a
small piece of wire,
& a hot-glue gun

with a mathematically-
defined tapering
diameter within the
chamber, shots "un-
connected" to the
badger cull ring out.

A line from Yo Yo Ma ~ Mark Young

A line from Yo Yo Ma

The last two outings of the
U.S. Patent Office have
disappointed at the box office.
The first, based on three short

plays by Molière, was a pod-
cast of naturally carbonated
water: the second, a device
that looked like a tiny wash-

board, punched holes into
another dimension to make
the transmission of music
travel faster than light. The

new endeavor, which has an
optional external battery, uses
an antenna splitter to take
advantage of loopholes in both

European laws & the very root
of traditional American popular
music. Many people like that
tingling feeling on their tongue.

Mark Young's most recent books are the e-book Asemic Colon from The Red Ceilings Press, & The Codicils, a 600-page selection of poems written in the past four years, out from Otoliths.