Monday, March 17, 2014

Stephen Emmerson talks to The Red Ceilings

Hi Stephen, it's been a while since we saw you on the Red Ceilings - so where have you been hiding?

Yeah it was 2010 I think last time I had something going on at the Red Ceilings. I've been pretty busy since then. In 2011 Richard Barrett and Simon Howard published my long poem 'Telegraphic Transcriptions' through their Department publishing project, it went down really well and has just been published as a 2nd edition by Stranger Press. I then made a fully playable poetry boardgame, that when played generates many iterations of a poem. It was released through Tom Jenk's Zimzalla. Then came 'No Ideas but in Things', a collaboration with Chris Stephenson that Dark Windows Press put out. I've also made some swallowable Pill Poems, called 'Pharmacopoetics', and had a participatory poem installation called 'Albion' on show at Inland Studio's in Camberwell, the results of which were produced by Like This Press. Albion also went on to be shown as part of The Dark Would exhibition curated by Phil Davenport at the Summerhall in Edinburgh.
All my pornography, your lovely new chapbook is about to be released to the world. So what's it all about?

Well, its pretty much made up of personal lyric poems that I've had kicking around for a while and liked but wasn't sure what to do with. Some of them date back to 2004. I eventually put them all together and they seemed to make sense as a whole. I called the book 'All my Pornography' because I felt like it was the poetic equivalent of my 14 year old self's porn collection being discovered. It's difficult to put out poems that are so personal, kind of embarrassing, so it feels like a type of pornography to me. 

So, what's next on your list of things to do. Anything lined up?

I'm just finishing up a book length sequence of poems called 'Letters to Verlaine', in fact some very old versions of the first few poems in that collection were the last poems I had published on the Red Ceilings in 2010, but they've changed a lot since then.

I've also got a something called 'Stephen Emmerson's Poetry Holes' coming out from If P then Q at the end of March. They are stencils that you can place over any text to create a poem. 

I've also got an album of experimental music coming out on Richard Barrett's Dept Press.

Stephen's limited edition chapbook All my pornography will be released by The Red Ceilings Press in late March

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