Thursday, May 15, 2014

Conspiracy Theory ~ Peter Cole Friedman

so much Jameson I'm practically ginger on the way
to excess in the backpages hey let's stop at the diner

talk about pretty things eat soup maybe Flight 370 disappeared
because I need a metaphor for you Paul and I listen

to Broadcast on his futon and choke on cookies and I don't know
about going to Brunnenburg this summer there will 

be people and then there won't and the whole thing
seems lame like an e-cigarette or pinball I want to 

start a dating website called somewhat-normal-not-flaky-
interesting-deeply-insecure-attractive-people-who- an obvious attempt to distract myself from
MFA debt too many theories about Beyoncé this mind of scissors

just wants to make beautiful origami a real swan for once in
gold lamé and skin and the beginning of spring can that be a thing, TMZ?


Peter Cole Friedman is a poet and artist based in New York City.
He is currently pursuing an MFA through the University of New Orleans.

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