Wednesday, May 7, 2014

from Endless / Nameless ~ Rachel Sills & Richard Barrett


Don't know if I’ve spelt that right
And I'm just not that bothered
I wondered "what's the quickest way there?"
For often I am permitted to return to a bookcase[1]
That joke about holes with the punch-line "jumper"
The cable-knit cardigan folded in two
On the floor that I step over daily
And the field that I cross on the way
To conclude “this thought is unuseful”
At the end of the day, at the end
Of the poem (in 3 lines time)
There'll mostly be a rollercoaster
Love versus friendship versus scared of causing hurt
Please do not stand up


Six miles of dazzling lights
I am sick
Of the tick, tick, tick of the track
Do not touch me
But do drop in for tea sometime
Airborne infections list
Or a la carte menu
My nose is bleeding
But my heart is intact
My heart is rotten
The ticking and the ticking, the ticking and the tocking
A stomach eating itself
And occasionally flipping
Side effects may include convulsions


I can smell your hair still
And trails of burning frankincense
Forming letters spelling
Salty tears
The Mancunian Way was where we sat down and
Wiped the crescents from our memories
Our out of focus faces (so close)
Fade to black
Davo asks : which way's north from here
And am I the shining light?
The reply: no, I am dim
And destined to be unseen
Til I’m over on Friday


Pangs of regret in the maisonette
And yearning. Mainly in the morning
By the Juliet balcony
I am a famous historical lover
With medals and certificates
And sadness on Saturday evenings
Which is something, for the weekend
Cheralyn: how are you doing?
And Brendon said to say "hi"
I spit in the sky it falls in my eye[2]
The way everything finally falls
Like us, down laughing, thinking of big organs
On Sunday mornings
In Northumberland

[1] after Robert Duncan...
[2] mark e smith, thanks

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