Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Footnotes ~ Sue Birchenough

1.  this pure Labour lineage  But far more influential was the power of commerce to deliver the free-market
gothic was architecture convinced it could influence.       It was infused      It became untethered        later it was adopted, for romantic reasons
when Victoria was on the throne, movements often arose

2.  there's a lot of it
I know more of some of it than you
you know more of some of it than me

3.                          paint brown trickling steam
                             runs into mosaic breaks ov
                             er time drops off in little pla
                             stic curls gunge compresse
                             d death from the softening
                             rigid silent long  ing to melt
                             on deep searching tongues

black gunge compressed death(sheet) mimics deathrings millimetres thin

(i) too numerous to mention bloody nuisance also

(ii) sloshing ecstacy of easy greed

4.   I can see you, DOOR !

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