Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I love you from Holland to England ~ Lucy Hilton

Deep in a cathedral of spiny rhubarb
Stalks look like reptiles and birds.
Where stalagmites made of succulents,
Bloom around a primordial ooze.
Palm paradises are placed on leaves shaped like clawed dinosaur hands.
It’s all about scale.
Large stars through telescopes and tiny crystals resemble each other, and
that’s a scientific fact, not a belief. Moon craters are raindrops on sand.
Puddles of liquid onyx.
Azure screens are surfaces of dominions to different realities. Like tabs
opened up on Chrome. Browsers and house elves can enter with a click of the finger.
I sense a message coming through from the other side.
The radio is intercepting a spirit.
I swim between islands in the sky of
Ganges River Dolphin pink,
 wizard white,
 warmest blues,
 holy hues.
The printer spoke to me in handwritten letters,
there was an
Image cannot be framed.
How does it feel when you are experiencing the impossible?
Tangerine porpoise shaped bolted together
papery sliver.
Aluminium seals
floating on one push over aquarium tunnels,
morphing obscenely obese then stringy
in Escher’s orbs.
Transcending time zones and species boundary in the belly of a narwhal.
A fish with a womb.
Buy a ham and cheese melt and receive a free twix!
Why do planes make your armpits stink?
Unanswerable questions.
The Netherlands are watery lines and drowned worlds treading water.
The mouth of the Thames is a lizard of languish
lovingly lapped in snakey snails and shingles.
The moment of reunion with my mother is imminent.


Lucy is a 21 year old fine art student studying at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, Netherlands.

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