Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Bullet Point ~ Steven Waling

He used to work on the railways                       goods yard

Fascinated by language shape sound               heft

If you could have your life over                         no use

Crying over spilt bullet in the arm                     blood

Don’t know why he came to me                        tenor

After all this how one thought leads                 sax

To another in unstraight lines                            house junk

Everyone has to make a living                            alone

War he said was always a crime                        useless

Could have played in a dance band but             left arm

But you can’t go dwelling on fought                  jazz

I think he once said in the desert                      music

Nothing else he wanted but to play                  no wife

His long life’s improvised broken                      solo

Steven Waling is the author of several books, including Travelator (Salt), Captured Yes (KFS Press) and most recently, his book of internet updates, Hello GCHQ (Dept) which is being launched in November of this year.
He lives in Manchester.

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