Friday, February 27, 2015

7.1.14 ~ Andrew Taylor

first broadcast
Wednesday 01
January 2014
cakes before
Frank reminds
me of the back room
12 days
across the crescent
a tree stands
still lit


the soap isn't orange
& mango just mango
like the summer baths
it comforts to know
of facility


long black
daily specials
be social
apt reminder
as communication
allows for you
to return through hail
& sun from the island
sound of water
stealing of water
her favourite part
every time he walks the shore
the sea is different
is that entertainment enough?
remaining Christmas cups
points added
is that
a scouse accent?
Stratford Haven
road not place
though I remember
revisiting and the need for oil
cottage bath in kitchen
home for a few days
Dave & Julia Cocteaus
& 'The Big Express'

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