Thursday, March 12, 2015

an old man speaks in the mirror to his 12 year old past self ~ Joseph Milford

once, it’s true, I did use hairspray.
I was a boy in the Carter administration.
things weren’t not awesome.
Luke Skywalker action figure had a saber
you could slide out of his arm.
every time I get bloodwork done I think of this.
the entire medical industry is my William Shatner.
do you think I could take your blood better?
with a piano wire, shuriken, or fishing lure?
a whale bone cut a bamboo shoot and empties
upon a banana leaf and I drink you.
in the mirror, my beard’s shavings clog a plastic fiberglass sink.
imagine fixing your hair before an ultimate bleeding.
whale-oil on your scalp. You are ridiculous.
please be a red-blooded-filled boy again.

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